Hannah (?)

F, #494, b. circa 1840
Pedigree - Eunice Harriet Holloway
     Hannah (?) and Frederick Steigler appeared on the 1880 Federal Census an unknown place . Their Children Matilda were listed as living with them. Her married name was Steigler.

Hannah (?) married Frederick Steigler. Hannah (?) was born circa 1840 in Ireland.

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Child of Hannah (?) and Frederick Steigler

Joseph Rosencranz

M, #495, b. 1858
     Joseph Rosencranz was born in 1858 in Sweden.

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Rebecca J Elliott

F, #505, b. circa 1859
Rebecca J Elliott|b. c 1859|p66.htm#i505|J.W.T. Elliott|b. s Jul 1836\nd. a 12 Jun 1900|p19.htm#i170|Sara Brown|b. c 1838\nd. b 12 Jun 1900|p19.htm#i171||||||||||Sally Brown|b. a 1810|p66.htm#i506|
     Rebecca J Elliott was born circa 1859 in Kentucky. She was the daughter of J.W.T. Elliott and Sara Brown.

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Sally Brown

F, #506, b. after 1810
Pedigree - John William Shryock
     Sally Brown was born after 1810 in Kentucky. She appeared on the 1870 Federal Census of Lawrenceburg, Anderson County, Kentucky, enumerated 17 June 1870.

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Children of Sally Brown

William Brown

M, #507, b. after 1848
William Brown|b. a 1848|p66.htm#i507||||Sally Brown|b. a 1810|p66.htm#i506|||||||||||||
     William Brown was born after 1848 in Kentucky. He was the son of Sally Brown.

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