Johannes Georg Schreyack

M, #131, b. 1702, d. ?
Pedigree - John William Shryock
     Johannes Georg Schreyack died in ? At Maryland.

Johannes Georg Schreyack married Barbara (?) in ? Johannes Georg Schreyack was born in 1702 in Gasheim, Wurternberg, Prussia, Germany.

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Child of Johannes Georg Schreyack and Barbara (?)

Barbara (?)

F, #132, d. ?
Pedigree - John William Shryock
     Barbara (?) died in ? As of ?,her married name was Schreyack.

Barbara (?) married Johannes Georg Schreyack in ?

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Child of Barbara (?) and Johannes Georg Schreyack

Hattie Jane Brown

F, #133, b. 10 March 1876, d. 14 April 1940
Hattie Jane Brown|b. 10 Mar 1876\nd. 14 Apr 1940|p14.htm#i133|William P Brown|b. b 1876|p61.htm#i461|Lucindin Webb|b. b 1876|p61.htm#i462|||||||||||||
     Hattie Jane Brown was born on 10 March 1876 in Anderson County, Kentucky. She was the daughter of William P Brown and Lucindin Webb. As of circa 1893,her married name was Shryock.

Hattie Jane Brown married Rousseau Daniel Shryock, son of Andrew Jackson Shryock and Julia Ann Sutherland, circa 1893. Hattie Jane Brown and Rousseau Daniel Shryock appeared on the 1900 Federal Census Woodford County, Kentucky, enumerated 8 June 1900. Hattie Jane Brown was buried in 1940 at Versailles, Woodford County, Kentucky; Versailes Cemetery. She died on 14 April 1940 at Lexington at Kentucky at age 64; Name:      Hattie Jane Shryock
[Hattie Jane Brown]
Death Date:      15 Apr 1940
Death Location:      Fayette
Residence Location:      Fayette
Age:      64
Gender:      Female
Ethnicity:      White
Birth Date:      10 Mar 1876
Birth Location:      Anderson, Kentucky
Father's name:      William P Brown
Father's Birth Location:      Kentucky
Mother's name:      Lucindia Webb
Mother's Birth Location:      Kentucky.

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Children of Hattie Jane Brown and Rousseau Daniel Shryock

Claude T. Shanklin

M, #134, b. 31 October 1886, d. 9 March 1926
Claude T. Shanklin|b. 31 Oct 1886\nd. 9 Mar 1926|p14.htm#i134|John Shanklin||p68.htm#i513|Allie Younger|||||||||||||||
     Claude T. Shanklin was born on 31 October 1886 in Kentucky. He was the son of John Shanklin and Allie Younger.

Claude T. Shanklin married Artiemesia Louise Shryock, daughter of Woodford County Shryock and Annie Rebecca Jones, before 21 April 1910 Lawrenceburg, Kentucky. Claude T. Shanklin appeared on the 1910 Federal Census of Lawrenceburg, Anderson County, Kentucky in the household of his mother, Claude T. Shanklin and Artiemesia Louise Shryock.
Claude T. Shanklin registered for the draft, on 12 September 1918 at Covington, Kentucky. He listed his address as 414 West Seventh Covington, Ky, his occupation as Tailor, and his employer as Globe Tailoring Co, 4th and Elm Cincinnati, Ohio.

Claude T. Shanklin and Artiemesia Louise Shryock appeared on the 1920 Federal Census of Covington, Kenton County, Kentucky, enumerated 5 January 1920. Their Children Bland J., Claudia M. and Margaret R. were listed as living with them. Claude listed as being a tailor on his death certificate., Louisville, Kentucky. He died on 9 March 1926 at Louisville at Kentucky at age 39.

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Children of Claude T. Shanklin and Artiemesia Louise Shryock

  • Marcelline Shanklin (living)
  • Claudia M. Shanklin (living)
  • Margaret R. Shanklin (living)
  • Bland J. Shanklin (living)

John Shryock

M, #135, b. 30 October 1796, d. 23 February 1876
John Shryock|b. 30 Oct 1796\nd. 23 Feb 1876|p14.htm#i135|Adam Shryock|b. 25 Apr 1766\nd. 19 Sep 1829|p5.htm#i38|Rosanah Wood|b. 3 Sep 1773\nd. 22 Sep 1842|p13.htm#i78|Christian Shryock Sr|b. 14 Sep 1735\nd. 10 Oct 1822|p5.htm#i40|Eva M. March|b. 1 Aug 1739\nd. 21 Oct 1793|p6.htm#i41|||||||
     John Shryock was born on 30 October 1796. He was the son of Adam Shryock and Rosanah Wood. John Shryock died on 23 February 1876 at age 79.

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