William Francis Doherty

M, #307, b. 11 November 1876
     William Francis Doherty was born on 11 November 1876 in Connecticut.

William Francis Doherty married Matilda Steigler, daughter of Frederick Steigler and Hannah (?), circa 1901. William Francis Doherty appeared as the Head of Household on the 1910 Federal Census of Naugatuck, New Haven County, Connecticut, enumerated on Friday, 29 April 1910,[JRS: Because the combination of first names, ages, place of residence, etc. coincides with what I would expect to find for this family, it is my opinion that the census enumerator first mis-recorded "Doherty" as "Dorothy" and then, not understanding the actual relationships and difference in surnames, assigned that surname to all in the family.]. Their Children Mary, John Joseph, Leo, Ellen, Gertrude and Francis were listed as living with them.

With no end in sight for World War I, the United States instituted it's third and final registration. It included all men who were between the ages of 18 and 21, and 31 to 45 years of age. This added younger men than the previous registrations, those who were born between September 12, 1897 and September 12, 1900; and added an older group of men, born between September 12, 1873 and September 12, 1888. William Francis Dohertyregistered for the draft on 12 September 1918, he listed his residence as 26 Orchard St, Naugatuck, New Haven County Connecticut, his occupation as Gardiner, and his employer as Rockwell ?? Naugatuck, New Haven County Connecticut.

William Francis Doherty and Matilda Doherty appeared on the 1920 Federal Census of Naugatuck, New Haven County, Connecticut, enumerated 12 January 1920. Their Children Ellen, Gertrude and Francis were listed as living with them. William Francis Doherty and Matilda Doherty resided at Naugatuck, Connecticut in 1939.

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Children of William Francis Doherty and Matilda Steigler

  • Ellen Doherty (living)
  • Gertrude Doherty (living)
  • Francis Doherty (living)

Mary Holloway

F, #308, b. circa 1891
Mary Holloway|b. c 1891|p42.htm#i308|Joseph Holloway|b. c 1872\nd. c 1899|p38.htm#i282|Matilda Steigler|b. Jan 1867\nd. 24 May 1952|p39.htm#i290|||||||Frederick Steigler|b. c 1835|p65.htm#i493|Hannah (?)|b. c 1840|p66.htm#i494|

Mary Holloway was born to Matilda and Joseph Holloway circa 1891, in Connecticut. Mary Holloway was the daughter of Joseph Holloway and Matilda Steigler.

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Charles F Latham Sr

M, #309

Charles F Latham Sr married Rita Johnson.

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Child of Charles F Latham Sr and Rita Johnson

Rita Johnson

F, #310

Rita Johnson married Charles F Latham Sr. Her married name was Latham.

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Child of Rita Johnson and Charles F Latham Sr

Alfred E Rockwood

M, #313, b. 31 July 1921, d. 22 October 2006
Alfred E Rockwood|b. 31 Jul 1921\nd. 22 Oct 2006|p42.htm#i313|George Buel Rockwood|b. 14 Dec 1893\nd. 15 Dec 1966|p41.htm#i304|Ella Estella Mason|b. 13 Feb 1898\nd. 5 Mar 1975|p41.htm#i305|Alfred B. Rockwood|b. Apr 1855\nd. 1919|p50.htm#i355|Mary E. Wheeler|b. 21 Sep 1855\nd. 29 May 1943|p53.htm#i386|William E. Mason|b. 30 Apr 1867\nd. 18 May 1913|p52.htm#i377|Hannah E. Kingman|b. 9 Dec 1863|p43.htm#i315|
     Alfred E Rockwood was born on 31 July 1921 in Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts. He was the son of George Buel Rockwood and Ella Estella Mason.

Alfred E Rockwood married Hellen T (?) circa 1941. Alfred E Rockwood died on 22 October 2006 at Greenfield at Massachusetts at age 85.

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Child of Alfred E Rockwood and Hellen T (?)

  • Gail Rockwood (living)