Virginia Rockwood

F, #314, b. 12 December 1923, d. 19 June 1991
Virginia Rockwood|b. 12 Dec 1923\nd. 19 Jun 1991|p43.htm#i314|George Buel Rockwood|b. 14 Dec 1893\nd. 15 Dec 1966|p41.htm#i304|Ella Estella Mason|b. 13 Feb 1898\nd. 5 Mar 1975|p41.htm#i305|Alfred B. Rockwood|b. Apr 1855\nd. 1919|p50.htm#i355|Mary E. Wheeler|b. 21 Sep 1855\nd. 29 May 1943|p53.htm#i386|William E. Mason|b. 30 Apr 1867\nd. 18 May 1913|p52.htm#i377|Hannah E. Kingman|b. 9 Dec 1863|p43.htm#i315|
     Virginia Rockwood was born on 12 December 1923 in Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts. She was the daughter of George Buel Rockwood and Ella Estella Mason. As of circa 1948,her married name was McGrath.

Virginia Rockwood married Arnold McGrath, son of Robert D McGrath and Bertha F (?), circa 1948.
Virginia Rockwood died Wednesday, 19 June 1991, at Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts at age 67.

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Children of Virginia Rockwood and Arnold McGrath

  • Sherry McGrath (living)
  • Gary McGrath (living)
  • Susan McGrath (living)

Hannah Estella Kingman

F, #315, b. 9 December 1863
Hannah Estella Kingman|b. 9 Dec 1863|p43.htm#i315|David Andrew Kingman|b. 7 Aug 1829|p52.htm#i382||||Joseph N. Kingman|b. 20 Nov 1793\nd. 11 Nov 1875|p53.htm#i384|Elizabeth Fillebrown|b. 14 Mar 1784\nd. 14 Jun 1871|p53.htm#i385|||||||
     Hannah Estella Kingman was born on 9 December 1863 in Northbridge, Worcester County, Massachusetts. She was the daughter of David Andrew Kingman. As of before 1898,her married name was Mason.

Hannah Estella Kingman married William Eugene Mason, son of William Henry Mason Mason and Chloe Cordelia Taft, before 1898.

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Child of Hannah Estella Kingman and William Eugene Mason

Wiliam J. Latham Jr

M, #317, b. 5 June 1961, d. 10 January 2005
Wiliam J. Latham Jr|b. 5 Jun 1961\nd. 10 Jan 2005|p43.htm#i317|William Latham|b. 10 Jul 1935\nd. 20 Dec 2005|p16.htm#i145||||Charles F. Latham Sr||p42.htm#i309|Rita Johnson||p42.htm#i310|||||||
     Wiliam J. Latham Jr was born on 5 June 1961 in Maine. He was the son of William Latham. Wiliam J. Latham Jr died on 10 January 2005 at South Portland at Maine at age 43.

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Mary Virginia Kitchen

F, #318, b. 17 October 1905, d. 24 July 1973

Mary Virginia Kitchen was born on Tuesday, 17 October 1905, in Center. Shelby County, Texas. As of June 1930,her married name was Shryock.

Mary Virginia Kitchen married Maurice Stewart Shryock, son of Woodford County Shryock and Annie Rebecca Jones, in June 1930. Mary Virginia Kitchen and Maurice Stewart Shryock were divorced circa 1947. Mary Virginia Kitchen and Maurice Stewart Shryock resided , Orange, Texas, before 1950 with their children, Maurice, Maurice and Mary.
Mary Virginia Kitchen died Tuesday, 24 July 1973, at Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California at age 67.

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Children of Mary Virginia Kitchen and Maurice Stewart Shryock

Maurice Stewart Shryock Jr

M, #320, b. 3 April 1931, d. 13 March 2005
Maurice Stewart Shryock Jr|b. 3 Apr 1931\nd. 13 Mar 2005|p43.htm#i320|Maurice Stewart Shryock|b. 21 Aug 1895\nd. 26 Aug 1983|p4.htm#i31|Mary Virginia Kitchen|b. 17 Oct 1905\nd. 24 Jul 1973|p43.htm#i318|Woodford C. Shryock|b. 25 Feb 1853\nd. 9 Aug 1951|p6.htm#i44|Annie R. Jones|b. 30 Jun 1858\nd. 30 Jun 1934|p1.htm#i11|||||||
      Maurice Stewart Shryock Jr also went by the name of Doc. He was born on 3 April 1931 in Orange, Orange County, Texas. He was the son of Maurice Stewart Shryock and Mary Virginia Kitchen. Maurice Stewart Shryock Jr died on 13 March 2005 at Deschutes at Oregon at age 73.

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